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Small sample sizes: Spending more money gets you further in baseball's postseason.

Former Gaslamp Baller, apparent current AZ Snakepitter Drama, writes for his friends and acquaintances to read:

‎11 teams this season had a payroll of over $100 million dollars...only 2 are still playing (Phillies & Tigers).

Drama obviously now advocates for only high payroll teams. As he reminds us: 2 of 11 teams is 18.18%. So if you spent over $100 million this season, then 18.2% of you are still playing baseball. If you spent less than $100 this season (3 of 19 teams) then 15.79% of you are still playing.

So 18.18% of the "rich" teams are still in the postseason and 15.79% of the "poor" teams are still in the postseason. Or in other words... There are 15% more "rich" teams deep in the postseason than poor teams.

I think I get what Drama's saying... Basically, the big question is if spending over $100 million is worth having a 15% better chance of going deep in the postseason in any given year (assuming those numbers are indicative of other years). I think I get it, but I'm gonna go ahead and say that I disagree with him, especially now that he's a Diamondbacks fan: