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2011 San Diego Padres dressed in drag

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I don't know how I missed this the first time around, but photos of the San Diego Padres dressed in drag have once again surfaced on the internets, courtesy of Mandependence. This time we get some pretty revealing photos of Kyle Blanks, Brad Brach and Anthony Rizzo.

JBox called Kyle Blanks "scary hot", which I think is code for, "I am gay for big black dudes in drag". Personally, I think Anthony Rizzo's youthful, hairless face coupled with the blonde ponytails is disturbingly erotic. It's a good thing I'm happily married or else who knows what I'd do. Brad Brach is sporting a ton of cleavage.

The photos are getting me all hot and bothered. Hot. And. Bothered.

What I want to know is who put the guys up to this. It couldn't be a rookie prank, unless they've somehow convinced Kyle Blanks after three years in the league that he's still a rookie. Was it somebody at the Padres? They just got done beating the Diamondbacks that game so maybe it was a Diamondback Front Office staffer looking to emasculate the Padres a little bit. Little did they know how much the Padres like to be emasculated especially when it comes to dressing up like sexy bitches.

[UPDATE] So apparently, according to our good buddy Dallas, Kyle Blanks has somehow managed to miss the previous rookie hazings in his first two years with the club. I still suspect that somebody somehow knew that he would look sexy as all get outta town in the Playboy bunny outfit.