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49ers Alex Smith, San Diego Padres Fan, being coerced into becoming a Giants Fan by money

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The 49ers QB, Alex Smith, is a Padres Fan.

He grew up in La Mesa, in San Diego's East County. He played for Helix High alongside Reggie Bush, another San Diego native. He even took classes at San Diego State University as part of their advanced placement program with high school students.

He has shown his loyalty by wearing a Padres hat to press conferences and out and about.

Alex Smith is a Padres Fan.

And now, CSN Bay Area is reporting that Alex Smith has been seen primarily wearing a Giants hat out in public at pressers!

WTF, Alex Smith. WTF.

The Giants hat started making more of an appearance after he re-signed with the 49ers, so maybe this is his attempt to appease 49ers Fan who are also Giants Fan, but in that case, it's like he's becoming a Giants Fan because of the money. So not only is San Francisco outspending San Diego when it comes to on the field talent, they're also outspending us in buying away fans.

Alex Smith tries to defend himself:

"The one thing I've always appreciated are loyal fans, so I'm not going to stop rooting for the Padres," Smith said. "But I'm a Giants fan, too.

Being a Giants Fan and a Padres Fan is mutually exclusive, Alex Smith. The world does not allow for this. If you need to impress Niners Fan, then you need to do it on the field. Your hat area belongs to the Padres.