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Best Tweets from World Series Game 6

I mean, woah. You may know Gaslamp Ball as very notably, the baseball blog that bitterly ignores other baseball teams and games when the Padres are not playing. This is not lost upon us.

That being said, did you see Game 6!? I mean wow. You can just call it that now. Game 6. People will know what you're talking about. I threw up on myself more than once out of excitement and judging from Twitterverse, others did too. Here, I thought it was maybe some bad pad thai.

Here are some of the funniest Tweets that made their way across my laptop monitor:

Baseball Might Be Fake Award:

Obligatory Bud Selig Sucks Award:!/rattocsn/status/129773200149184512

Twitter / @RattoCSN: Looking at my scorecard, I ... via kwout


Jake Peavy Doesn't Think Celebration Injuries Are Funny Award:


Obligatory Joe Buck Sucks Award!/thecajunboy/status/129780737401552896

Twitter / @thecajunboy: Joe Buck just called one o ... via kwout


God Gave Him Strength to Hit the Home Run and Took Away the Win Because He's Surrounded By Would Be Enablers Award (TIE)


And the best tweet of the night? That's right. MINE. It was my Tweet. I searched high and low and those other ones were the best I could fine. If you can find better. Let me know and I'll add them, but for now...