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Gonjasufi proves that Padres Brown is for the Underground

You like Padres Brown. I like Padres Brown.

JBox and I have gone to people. We've like, talked to people, you know? And we've been pleading the case.

One of our arguments is that, to the Padres, this so called "classic" baseball look? That's called the 1970's when it comes to the Padres. If you want to go back to classic baseball, you go back to Padres Brown.

And on top of all that, Padres Brown is hip.

It's like the coolest thing ever. You want to seem underground? You want to seem old school and independent? You wear Padres Brown. For example... Peep this:

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Dang yo. I mean look at that. Look at the Swinging Friar all done up with some sort of scary hood or beard or whatever. That's what I'm talking about. That's legit.

Gonjasufi's an underground hip-hop artist from San Diego and you know what he's doing? He's representing. Like big time. Makes me want to buy a brown hat right now seeing dude like that. Will the old people be down with that? Probably not. But you know what old people like? They like to sit at home and not spend their money. The young people? Those people will buy MERCH.

On the flip side, if brown was back, would we have this Padres Fan counterculture or would we be like Coldplay? Like always wanting indie cred again, but never having it because the Man has listened to us and agreed with us. We'd be like ECW... All corporate. Not me, though! Me and Gonjasufi? Brown Underground.

Download Gonjasufi's track, The 9th Inning here.