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Three Padres links that are barely related to the Padres

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  • San Diego News | 2011 San Diego Press Club Awards Recognize Local Media, Writers

    "The San Diego Press Club is one of the oldest press clubs in the country. Founded for and by journalists, the club provides a network of support and a forum for members of the press to communicate. Each year, the press club recognizes San Diego-based writers for their work in their respective media outlets."

    Totally sounds legit right? Well a couple days ago they had their 38th annual Excellence in Journalism awards at the Hall of Champions. Guess who won the award for Sportswriter of the year? Actually don't guess, I'll just tell you. Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton. His essay was entitled "To Fix the Padres Requires Bud Selig Fixing the Structure of Baseball". It was subtitled "Summer hasn't even started but the Padres baseball season looks over". No wonder the judges and fellow sportswriters ate it up, they love doom and gloom.

  • Carrier Classic jerseys go camo - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

    "The San Diego Padres are the gold standard in the camouflage-jersey genre. In fact, they may be the only standard."
    Michigan State and North Carolina will be wearing camouflage jerseys for a November basketball match up that will be played on the deck of an aircraft carrier. WTF? I thought the Padres were the Team of the Military, why haven't we played on an aircraft carrier yet? I blame Hoyer.

  • San Diego Padres - Victoria's Secret
    Victoria's Secret is that she is selling a couple Padres items at clearance prices. Consumer's apparently weren't too fond of the "Designated Kisser" apparel. Everybody knows that a National League team like the Padres doesn't have a Designated Kisser.