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John Lackey may need Tommy John surgery. Are the San Diego Padres still interested?

WEEI in Boston is reporting that a "resolution" is near in regards to John Lackey's elbow. The article mentions the worst case scenario, in a medical sense, being Tommy John surgery, but doesn't mention the best case scenario, in a medical sense, which is that John Lackey's elbow is actually fine and the explanation for 2011 is that he took a huge pay day and decided that the money was being given to him to try to lay eggs, like a giant drunk, video-game loving chicken, which he did over and over for the Boston Red Sox, much to the delight of America outside of New England.

Does this affect how Padres Fan feels about the rumors that the Padres are interested in acquiring John Lackey? Maybe. I don't quite understand the numbers, but if Lackey misses 2012 due to elbow surgery, the Red Sox would be able to realize an option that turns Lackey's five year deal into a six year deal, with the sixth year being at league minimum. What that means is the overall value of the contract would be about $3 million less per year and the Red Sox wouldn't see quite as much of a hit when it comes to luxury tax.


Maybe the Red Sox would be more willing to take a chunk of the contract if they traded Lackey away? Maybe the Padres would have Lackey locked in at a better rate for a longer period of time? Maybe he'd come back stronger in 2013 and the super rubber arm from Tommy John + Petco Park = The Padres next SP Project?

Personally, I'd wouldn't mind Lackey in a Padres uniform, assuming the Red Sox take a HUGE chunk of his contract. Lackey can play video games and drink beer in the clubhouse as much as he wants as long as he's not pitching that day and as long as he plays well on the days he is pitching. At least he isn't out in public getting wasted like Tony LaRussa. At least it's videogames and not some other dastardly vice like being real mopey and boring like Adrian Gonzalez. And I bet with all that money, he can totally afford all the latest games. He probably has like two Kinects and 8 Nintendo 3DS machines.

John Lackey

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Oct 23, 1978

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Elbow: Near resolution

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