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Jed Hoyer to Cubs deal is done. So are Padres.

Things really escalated quickly. Supposedly there will be a press conference during the World Series off day tomorrow that will announce the hiring of Theo Epstein as the Cubs new President.

It's done, according to source: Hoyer to join Theo as GM of Cubs, Byrnes new GM in SD
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Jed Hoyer will join Epstein in Chicago a few days later.

A source told that Epstein originally asked Byrnes to join him in Chicago, but Byrnes declined. Epstein then turned to Hoyer, his longtime friend and former assistant. Hoyer went to Moorad, told him of the offer from Epstein and said he would stay if the Padres gave him a five-year extension. Moorad, though reluctant to lose Hoyer, the source said, said he would not grant him the extension and told him he was free to take the Cubs job.

One day I'd like the Padres to be on the right side of one of these press announcements where we are aquiring talent rather than losing it.

The transformation is complete, we just morphed into the 2005 Diamondbacks. We've been completely overrun by Zonies.

Hey everybody, look Josh Byrnes is our new GM! Anybody want to schedule a prime time press announcement? No? Really? Oh. Ok.