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Your new GM of the San Diego Padres: Kim Ng?

"Who's this? Padres Fan? You say you want me to come in and do amazing sh_t? OK. Set the interview up."
"Who's this? Padres Fan? You say you want me to come in and do amazing sh_t? OK. Set the interview up."

Two years ago, before the iPad was invented, the Padres were searching for a new GM after the Gunslinger was chased out of town. Reportedly, an interview was conducted with a name that many in baseball regard highly... Kim Ng, current VP of Baseball Operations for the MLB.

Here's what I know about Kim Ng, she's apparently the smartest GM candidate that has ever been a GM candidate that has not had the opportunity to become a GM. Why? No good reason.

If the rumors are true and Jed Hoyer is moving on, then a followup interview with Kim Ng makes sense. If the Cubs (reportedly) wouldn't offer compensation to hire Jed Hoyer away from us, then at least save face with Padres Fan and give Kim Ng another interview. Don't just hand the keys to the '92 Civic to Josh Byrnes. Take another look at doing something really impressive in the front office. Look at Kim Ng!

I would throw up from giddy if Kim Ng got another shot in San Diego. Of course, I'd breath a sigh of relief of Jed stuck around too, but Kim Ng? Man. That would be terrific. Admittedly, it's not like I know a whole lot about Kim Ng other than her resume, the fact that we've interviewed her before, she's super smart, and that she's a woman. But never you mind that fact. That should be enough for all of us.

Also, look at that photo. You see that? F_ckin' two cell phones at the same time. If she had a bluetooth in her free ear, it would be EXACTLY what I want to see out of a GM. Movin' and Shakin'. Shuckin' and Jivin'.

Reportedly, the Angels are interviewing her so we better jump in while the gettings good assuming that Jed's leaving for real for real. (no word on that Bud Black interview).

But for the record, this is how I feel about Jed Hoyer: