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Game Thread: World Series! Rangers @ Cardinals!

I don't have much interest in watching baseball games if the Padres aren't involved. Unlike most San Diego fans and Adrian Gonzalez, I don't have a second favorite team or an American League team that I root for. I sure as hell am not rooting for a team just because they have a former Padre on their roster. It's the Padres or nothing for me.

But I do feel like I should have at least some idea of what is going. I considered watching game highlights to bring me up to speed on what has happened so far in the Post Season, but found a better way. TAIWANESE ANIMATION!

I can't believe nobody told me how entertaining these games have been so far. The Phillies having birds poop on their faces, balls bouncing off heads and the Cardinals litterally drank the Brewers.

I guess I'll make an attempt to watch some of these World Series games just so I don't miss any more.

Go Baseball!