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Cubs and Epstein want to hire Padres employees with Red Sox stink still fresh on them. Hoyer a possible candidate.

Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman is reporting that the Cubs and Theo Epstein are interested in hiring Padres GM Jed Hoyer into their Baseball Operations Department. Starting rumors is easy. We at Gaslamp Ball started a similar rumor six days ago. Especially since it's a well known fact that former Red Sox employees only like to work with other former Red Sox employees. It's probably because co-workers outside of their organization can't understand their ridiculous Boston accents.

Heyman paints the scenario like this: The Red Sox still won't let Epstein hire from their Front Office so he has to pilfer his old buddies who are now employed in San Diego. Epstein would want either Hoyer or Josh Byrnes at his side. Hoyer may not want to take a demotion to become his Assistant GM. So the Cubs might have to make Epstein club President and let Hoyer make a lateral move, becoming Cubs GM. If that fails to work then they can make a fall back hire from the Padres for Assistant GM Jason McCleod or Padres VP Josh Byrnes.

No one in the Padres organization is commenting for the time being, but letting Hoyer go may suit Padres Chairman Jeff Moorad just fine. He too likes to work with former employees. Byrnes was his former GM in Arizona and let's just say they had more than a typical Owner/GM relationship.

I doubt #Padres Moorad would hold up #Cubs if they wanted Hoyer and it led to Byrnes becoming SD's GM. Byrnes is like a son to Moorad.
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To me, Byrnes is like a former failed Diamondbacks GM.

The Padres are chalk full of possible GM or Assistant GM candidates if you count current manager Bud Black. So if you're a club in need just take your pick.


Either Hoyer or Byrnes is money on Hoyer @jdozal24: do you really think hoyer will leave?
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