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Anthony Rizzo answers questions on Twitter, we reminisce

Yesterday marked 3 years since the end of Anthony Rizzo's chemotherapy treatments for Hodgkins Lymphoma.

its crazy how time flys. 3 years ago today was my last chemo treatment. #livestrong#neverquit
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It also marked a week since his return to Twitter.  Last night he took to his Twitter account to answer some questions from his followers.

TheRizzMan27Anthony Rizzo
in reply to @TheRizzMan27

@TheRizzMan27 would you rather make it to first base in a ball game or with a girl?
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@gaslampball business before please number one rule
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I think it's safe to assume he meant "Business before pleasure is the number one rule"  I should have asked a follow up question about second base, because second base is the bizness.

Here are other things we learned about him:

He's currently in the Dominican Republic playing for the Torros.  He plans to eat authentic Dominican food.  He works hard to be even keeled.  When it comes to Mac or PC, he chooses Mac.  He eats burritos everyday in the Padres clubhouse.  He believes the Padres will be in contention for the NL West next year.  His goal is to win next season.  He likes all types of music.  His favorite baseball player is Babe Ruth.  Given the choice between waffles and pancakes he'll take chocolate chip pancakes.  He's rooting for Texas to win the World Series because of his former teammate Mike Adams.  His favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  His favorite TV show is Dexter or Doug or any show named after a guy who's name starts with D.  His advice to young ball players is to always hustle.  He always wanted to play in the old Yankee stadium because of the history.  He started playing baseball at birth or shortly there after.  He kills time on the road by sleeping.  He realized he wanted to be a professional athlete in grammar school.  The last book he read was Assholes Finish First by Tucker Max, he thinks it's pretty funny.  His favorite teammate is William Venable.  He's single and uses emoticons to flirt.  He loves playing San Diego because of the weather.  The Hangover is his favorite movie for sure. He thinks Justin Beiber has real talent.  He chooses ketchup.  He's a Miami Dolphins fan.  He enjoyed playing in Minnesota this year. His favorite position is Center Field.