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Padres GM Hoyer is interviewing hitting coaches, hasn't heard from Angels in regards to Black and will not confirm details of deals offered to Bell

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • Hoyer hasn't been able to watch today's ALCS game because he's been interviewing hitting coaches.
  • Hoyer hates the five game series.  Baseball is a game that is played best over a lot of games.  Teams with more depth don't have the same advantage in a shorter series.
  • It's a lot of fun interviewing hitting coaches.  Four hours can go by really quickly.  Hitting coaches are very passionate about hitting. Preparation is important, it would be disappointing if the applicants didn't look at video or the stats of the Padres players.  Today they interviewed two internal candidates Phil Plantier and Sean Berry. They will do 4 more interviews next week.  It's an appealing quality that Plantier is a "cage rat" and likes to focus on hitting instead of wanting to be a manager one day.  Hoyer doesn't think a coach's own MLB career factors into the decision at all.
  • Buddy Black is really happy working for the Padres and "we certainly haven't heard anything from the Angels".  Hoyer had discussions with Black but they will remain private.
  • The Padres won't be able to afford the free agents that sign early.  They'll have to wait later into the off season, but they will be aggressive.  He hopes one day they will have built up the farm system so they don't need free agents.
  • Most of the player's options are all based on the last day off the World Series.  They will have to make decisions five days after the end of the season. 
  • Brad Hawpe is not going to be a Padre next year.
  • It's safe to say that they will not pick up the option price on Chad Qualls but they are interested in resigning him.  
  • Aaron Harang is still being discussed internally but they haven't made a decision yet.  It's a mutual option and he's said that he'd like to stay in San Diego.
  • Jon Heyman has reported on twitter that the Padres have made an offer of 2 years and $14 million dollars.  "We have made offers but I will not confirm the amount."  The Padres will not over extend themselves in terms of years or dollars.
  • Hoyer is sad that the Red Sox have become fractured.  The trashing of Francona is uncalled for.  The Boston fan base does not look good after the criticism of him.  Hoyer doesn't know who spread the rumors about him.