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O-Dog analysis, Rizzo vs. Snake and Ensberg the retiree

  • The MLB Network just sent out an email saying that Orlando Hudson will serve as a guest studio analyst on MLB Tonight this week. Nothing makes my head hurt more than thinking about the O-Dog's non-stop jibber jabber than actually listening to his non-stop jibber jabber.  His last interview gave me concussion symptoms. I won't be tuning in.  Somebody let me know how that goes.
  • My favorite story so far out of the Padres off season is Anthony Rizzo's search for the snake that's hidden somewhere in or around his car.  In his last tweet he went looking for it and we haven't heard from him since.

    Nothing like trying to get in my car and a black snake is coiled up ready to attack #ihatereptiles#soscared#help
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  • Dan Hayes of the North County Times posted an interview with former Padres player and current retiree Morgan Ensberg.  It's kind of interesting to hear what players do after their baseball career is over.   It's also a little depressing.  After tales of him working for Sports Chalet selling equipment I started to feel sorry for him.  "Just because you have money doesn't mean you feel self worth. It's important to be productive."  Then I was reminded that he has a sh_t ton of money.