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Tony Gwynn: "I don’t have an exact answer yet where I stand with the cancer."

I've been asking around about Tony the Gwynn's condition for the past month or so.  I knew from the announcement that Gwynn had cancer that he would be finishing his treatment around now.  All of my sources have kept their information close to their chest as expected, just answering "He's doing good."  and "He's lost weight, he seems better".  Earlier in the week I heard that he had indeed finished his radiation and chemotherapy and had more tests next week.

Today Bill Center gives us the official news.  Apparently Gwynn is on the mend but for a while was a wreck, walking with the help of a walker, back problems, cancer and the depression that comes with it.

"Everything is going great. I don’t have an exact answer yet where I stand with the cancer. I can’t say I’m cured. I have an MRI and a CT scan planned for sometime next week. But I feel good and my doctors tell me they think I’m ahead of schedule.

"And I’ve been walking on my own for about a month now."

Gwynn credits the prayers and letters from his fans for his positive attitude.

"It’s easy to get depressed when something like this is happening," he said. "Staying positive makes a big difference. It’s pretty hard to be down when I got all the support I did. All the cards and letters and e-mails were very much appreciated. I want to thank everyone."

Great news for Gwynn and all who love him.  Let's continue to keep him in our thoughts and prayers until he's fully recovered.