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Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge to be finished January 2011

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The Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge is finally supposed to be finished this month.  The project was first proposed in 2003 and construction started in 2008. Did the construction of this bridge take longer than the construction of the ballpark?  Sure seems like it.

June 2006 – Environmental Clearance Complete
July 2007 – Land Acquisition Complete
June 2008 – Contract Awarded to Reyes Construction, Inc.
October 2008 – Groundbreaking Ceremony:
January 2011 – Anticipated Date of Construction Completion

At first I was turned off by the $26,798,553 price tag but since then I've been stuck on the harbor side of Harbor Drive and groaned when I was forced to walk the 15 minutes needed to get to Petco Park. It's amazing how quickly laziness can make you forget about all the millions of tax payer dollars being spent on a foot bridge.

This video shows Padres fans crawling under and climbing over a train that is blocking them from getting to the ballpark.  Not the smartest idea but I can understand their frustration and realize that the bridge is needed.

I still like my cheap and theatrical solution to this problem that I suggest a few years ago:  Build a "Temple of Doom" style rope bridge.  With ideas like this I really should be mayor..

I emailed the Senior Project Manager in charge to see if he has any information on the grand opening.  Now that I think about it I should have hinted around about an invite to the ribbon cutting ceremony, maybe I could be his plus one.