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Help us choose Best of Gaslamp Ball in 2010

So we were contacted by the powers that be at SB Nation (our blog overlords).  They need us to submit a blog post,  that would be considered our best work,  for each of the three following categories:

1) Writing quality. A great example of research, commentary, or analysis. 

2) Popular/viral. A post that was unusually popular, had tons of Facebook likes/retweets, possibly went viral on national sites.

3) Clever/unique/interview. Something that wasn't necessarily news-related but that was still amazingly executed or otherwise really popular. It could be something quirky, or a piece of fan fiction, or even a really great exclusive interview. 
That first and second category are going to be a tough orders to fill.  I'm not sure if we do that.

In any case, we need your help.  If you could suggest a few and hopefully provide the link that'd be a big help. 

It'd also be a good chance for new readers to come up to speed while they peruse your links.  The crafty old veterans can reminisce and join us hand in hand as we skip in a sentimental journey through our past year.

But seriously, please help.  They need us to submit this ASAP.