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Rumor Mill: Future name of Padres AAA team to be North County Friars

I received this email today from a secret source. I blacked out key bits of information to protect him... and you!

From: <■■■■■■k@■■■.net>
Sent: Wed, January 5, 2011 7:08:07 AM

As you know, Escondido is the front runner for the Triple A teams 
ballpark and from conversations with people in the know, the team will
be named the N.C. Friars (I attended a ■■■■■■ in ■■■. or Sept. 2010 with
these people and the name was revealed). Back in May of ■■10 it was
still between Escondido, San Marcos and C■■■■■■d (and others). What's
interesting is that a Mr. ■■■■■ F. ■■■■■■ from the bay area purchased
all web domaine names related to Escondido Ballpark and NC Friars in May
2010. He did not purchase any S■■ M■■■■os or Carlsbad related ballpark
domaine names - only Esc■■dido's. In my research, I also could not find
any other team names purchased by Mr. ■■■■■■ in that time period. He
either has a crystal b■ll, is a very good ■■■sser or he is very much in
the know. Could he be the unknown member of the Moorad Group?

That was so much fun blacking out words that I got a little carried away. It was like I was editing the Watergate papers, it felt so bad that it felt good.

After doing a little bit of research on the man in question it appears he's a consultant that has done some past work for the Padres so it's doubtful that he is a member of the Padres ownership group, but quite possible that he is working for the team.

Naming the team the "Friars" does makes sense, but I can't help but think that it's part of the Padres' leadership's plan to get people to stop referring to the Padres by their lovable nickname "the Friars". For instance, say the broadcasters. It'd be too confusing if they continued to refer to them as the Friars, people would be forced to abandon the nickname. Now who would want that?