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Mets offer Chris Young money

Heard this: The Mets' offer to Chris Young likely includes guaranteed money over $1 million. He's a good fit for the ballpark.less than a minute ago via web

A good fit? The Mets new ballpark must be the Big and Tall store of the MLB and have tall ceilings for head clearance and door frames that are extra wide for the hippy Chris Young. In the olden days clinical giants could only find employment in a freak show, wrestling ring or a circus. We've come a long way.

If I were the Mets, would I bet more than a million dollars that his shoulder is healed and no longer stuffed with candy and cheap plastic toys like a piñata? No.


NY POST: Mets deny making an offer to Young

The Mets remain interested in Chris Young, but the team denied a report last night it had made the free-agent right-hander an offer.