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Some random Monday thoughts

OK. So I need to blog something again, and when I need to blog something and I have nothing in particular to write about, you know what you get? F_ckin' stream of consciousness. Larry King style...

...Before I get to that though, I should tell more about the Padres Awards Dinner that we attended last week. We chatted with Mentor briefly and you all will be glad to know that he did comment on my sweater. He made an English Professor joke. Had I been more on top of it, I would've made a "So the mentor has become the mentee" joke, but I didn't. Oh well.

...Also, I feel like Dennis Morgigno maybe didn't realize how pleased we were to have met him as well as Matt Vasgersian. I've been a Morgigno fan forevers and I'm a little bit of an opportunistic stalker, truth be told. But whatever. Better that he not be too creeped out by us. Probably didn't help to not talk to him considering we'll eventually want to pitch the Gaslamp Ball pre-pregame show someday.

...Here's another thought. Way back in 2005, we did have of a renga and it turned out awesome, but retarded also. No seriously. That was the review we got. I'm thinking we should do another Renga. Get back to our roots. I know many of you will scoff, but at the same time, I've never been one to take criticism the way it was intended.

...Here's yet another thought... Do you think that the Padres PR department had Jed Hoyer tell everybody that the offense was set knowing that he would be signing Cantu within a week of the quote? That's a terrific way of lowering expectations and then busting out with something amazing. Not that Cantu is "amazing", but still. When you're not expecting anything else and you suddenly add a pretty good amount of depth, then it's a nice surprise. That's what she said.

...Are you guys getting psyched for the Padres season? I see comments on and I realize that one of the following must be true: A) People comment on who think they are Padres fans, but don't actually watch baseball. B) Fans of other teams randomly like commenting on C) There are some ridiculous things that get thought outside of Padres blogs.... Actually, this probably deserves its own post, but like, people in comments are still butt hurt over David Eckstein. They think Brian Giles sucked. Just weird stuff.

I'm really excited about baseball. I probably should get a vasectomy to limit the jizzing that I've been doing over this baseball season.