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The Padres Awards Banquet

So Dex, Jon and I went to the Padres Awards Banquet tonight. I'll just give you some quick hits before I go to sleepy town.

  • Marpat_desert_pattern_mediumI got a closer look at the MARPAT Camouflage Jersey. I read this morning that the Marine Corps officially sanctioned the jerseys with their copyrighted pattern. I read a few years ago that the USMC had trademarked their emblem and logos, so it's now necessary to get their approval. I also read that civilians can't buy and sell their real MARPAT camouflage. If you look closely at the logo on the left you'll see the Marine Corps Emblem (the Eagle, Globe and Anchor) embedded in the camouflage, just North West of center. After a close inspection I confirmed that the jerseys do not have the embedded EGA.
  • Speaking of the new camouflage jersey, I was told that the Padres will wear white pants with light brown piping down the leg. They'll also wear brown batting helmets on Sunday home games to complete the look. I'm glad, it was always so tacky when the Padres would wear their blue helmets with throwback or camouflage jerseys.
  • I talked to some people about the new Gray Road Jersey on display too. It wasn't much of a conversation since there isn't much to say except that it's gray. Though I did hear the comment "At least they won't look like California Highway Patrol anymore" referring to the Sand and Blue jerseys. I'd never thought of that, but it's kind of true. The team should have embraced that and become the official team of the CHP.
  • Img_3606_medium The food was real good. I should have brought home my menu because they have a way of making it sound more delicious than I ever could. For dinner we were served small cut of steak, a tiny cup of potatoes and 6 green beans. For dessert we were served small portions of cheese cake, tarts and other sweets. An SD logo was created using cocoa on the plate. I commented "This food is just like the Padres, they always leave you wanting more."
  • I chit chatted with Channel 4 Host and former Major Leaguer Bob Scanlan during the cocktail hour. I forget what we were talking about, but at one point he told me that he didn't want me kneeing him in the testicles. Yeah, it was that kind of conversation. I told him he's so tall that he'd only have to worry about me head butting him in the nads, he seemed to take comfort in that. Scanman is the best.
  • Padres President Tom Garfinkel introduced Nick Hundley for a community award. He did the best Buddy Black impersonation you'll ever hear and the crowd was dead silent. It bombed. I'm telling you though that it was awesome and I'm not just saying that because he's our Mentor.
  • Matt Vasgersian was the emcee of the banquet. At one point they showed video clips of the National Media all picking the Padres to finish last as Vasgersian laughed at their predictions. We went up to introduce ourselves after the ceremony. He seemed real glad to meet us, just as we were excited to finally meet him. I did have to remind him though that he was one of the National Media people that picked the Padres to finish last too. It doesn't matter though, we love ourselves some Matty V. We begged him to come back to San Diego. He told us to visit him at the MLB studios if we're ever in town, which we both know will probably never happen, but still it was nice of him.
  • Eegmc_medium We also had an impromptu Padres blogger meet up at the "Kid's Table" with Ducksnorts, RJ's Fro and Friarhood. We threw elbows and battled for the best pictures of our desserts. It was great.

Maybe I'll think of some other stuff later, but for now it's sleepy time. Thanks to the Padres for inviting us as their guests!