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New Padres Gray Road Jersey

New Gray Road Jersey
New Gray Road Jersey

My first impression of this jersey is that it looks nice, it's clean... it's gray. I dunno. It's fine. It kind of looks like the Yankees Road uniform but what are you going to do?

Do I like it more than the Sand? Not necessarily. I think I liked the uniqueness of the Sand, more than I actually liked the color though. I guess I'm kind of indifferent over all.

How many colors have the Padres used now? Gold, Brown, Orange, Blue, Gray, White, various camouflages, more blue and more gray. The last decade has been a drab pallet to be sure. No colors that make the uniform really pop.

I'll always be a fan of the throwback uniforms, but I don't hate these either. They certainly are gray.

Padres to sport new road gray uniforms

"With the grays, our intent is to return to a more classic road uniform look," Padres COO and president Tom Garfinkel said in a statement.

"We recognize that sand is a color unique to San Diego, and it is not being eliminated from our marks."

Here you go, the new #Padres road grey jersey than a minute ago via TweetDeck