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Padres GM Jed Hoyer interviewed by John Weisbarth

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Jed Hoyer hotstove interview from John Weisbarth on Vimeo.

  • Jed Hoyer has never gone to arbitration with a player in Boston or San Diego.   They'll only go as a last resort.  "These are players we like, these are players we don't want to sit in a room and make arguments why we should pay them less.  Arbitration is a bad process."
  • Hoyer hopes that the Padres have made enough moves to satisfy fans after the Adrian Gonzalez trade.  He thinks that even though they can't replace Adrian, they can create a more stable and balanced lineup.
  • The increased strength up the middle will make the Padres' pitching better.  Hoyer thinks the team will be really good defensively only weakening at first base as a result of the Adrian trade.  "Cameron Maybin will be at least as good as Tony." Ryan Ludwick will improve moving from right field to left field.
  • The new Padres player development program that introduces them to San Diego is very important.  Hoyer wants to get them acclimated to being a Padre, so that when they do get called up they won't be surprised.
  • Casey Kelly "is so athletic".  He was a quarterback and a shortstop prospect. He's an all around athlete.  He'll develop into a top of the rotation guy.