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Padres fan on Teen Mom 2? Unlikely.

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I was watching MTV the other night and saw a commercial  for Teen Mom 2: The Babies Strike Back.  One of the young fathers, Adam, was wearing a Padres hat and like you, I became curious.  Is this boy-man a Padres fan? Teen Mom is one of the few MTV shows that I don't watch so I had to do intensive research.

Using Holmesian deduction I think I've solved our little mystery. After watching the scene in question and a thorough search of the internets, I came to a conclusion.  Apparently Adam and Chelsea are from South Dakota, so it's highly unlikely that he has any ties to our beloved team.  "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth". I've concluded that he is not a Padres fan!  My theory is that Adam only wears the hat because the initials SD also stand for South Dakota.  It's elementary.

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