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Idea for Padres FanFest

As you know the Padres FanFest is only 23 days away. You may also know that the Padres host a garage sale at the FanFest where fans can buy game worn uniforms, equipment, old marketing paraphernalia and other oddities. It's always fun to look through other peoples junk in hopes of finding a hidden gem.

With our first warm weather in forever I've gotten into the spring cleaning mode. I'm currently packing up old clothes for a trip to the goodwill. As I've been tidying up I've been finding a ton of Padres give away items from yesteryear. Most of it I don't have much of a use for anymore, since I'm not a hoarder or much of a collector.

My idea is that the Padres open up an area, say at the Park at the Park, where fans can bring their old giveaway items to other fans that might have a use for them.

I know the Padres are going to hate this idea, because they are trying to clear out their own junk and the last thing they want is people bringing more junk to the park, but they should think of it as a form of recycling. The Padres love recycling.

Even though there's plenty of items that I don't want to store anymore I also have a sentimental attachment to most of it and I don't want to just throw it out or give it away to people that won't appreciate it. I also don't want to sell my stuff item by item on Craig's List. I just want to pack it up and get rid of it all at once and know that it would be going to other fans who would appreciate it.

Here's a smattering of things that I've found in my spring cleaning.

  • Dozens of collectible baseballs
  • Dozens of give away hats (some signed by the likes of Tim Flannery and Randy Jones)
  • Three or four assorted Padres bag
  • Padres toothbrush unused (It was my prize for being a Smile Cam award winner)
  • Rally towels, beach towels, a few pennants and a flag
  • Ginormous Padres headphones with built in radio
  • Padres beach ball
  • Replica jerseys
  • Trevor Time clocks
  • Bobble heads, banks and bandannas
  • Padres pins and pillow cases
  • Models, magazines and mugs