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Ryan Ludwick signs for $6.775M, Mike Adams for $2.535M, Headley for $2.535M and Stauffer for $1.075M

Two arb signings: Ryan Ludwick with #Padres, $6.775M. Clint Barmes with #Astros, $3.925M. #MLBless than a minute ago via web


That's a lot of pressure on Ludwick, now he has to earn last year's salary and this year's.

More arb signings: Mike Adams w #Padres, $2.535M, Carlos Quentin w #WhiteSox, $5.05M, Prado w Braves, $3.1M, Hardy w #Orioles, $5.85M #MLBless than a minute ago via web

#Padres final figures today: Bell ($7.5 million), Ludwick ($6.775), Adams ($2.535), Headley ($2.325) and Stauffer ($1.075) .less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


After posting these tweets, I realized that I really don't care how much these guys make.