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Chatting about a Trevor Hoffman Statue

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We were talking this morning about the statue that Trevor Hoffman should get at Petco Park.  We were just throwing around ideas. I figured we should probably just let you read them.

jbox says:
The Padres should build a Hoffman statue connected to a natural gas line so that it radiates heat.  On cold nights fans can gather around his statue to stay warm like they do with those propane heaters they have on patios at restaurants.
Dex says:
I like that.  During save situations, Trevor's statue should catch fire. Like people come close to get warm but they better know what's going on in the game cause that thing is gonna be engulfed in flames.
or how about THIS
Make it so it's not him pitching, but holding a ball in his hand and the ball has an eternal flame except for when saves are blown… then the flame goes out. That's my dream but realistically, i think him holding a ball of fire is feasible
jbox says:
Also pipe in some water so when a save is blown the statue cries a ton and pees a little.
Dex says:
Have a generic opposing batter statue standing 60 feet 6 inches away and then when a save situation comes up, Trevor statue's eyes glow red and the batter craps himself but like he craps delicious hot dogs