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Trevor Hoffman will work with the Padres in some capacity

XX Sports Radio: Trevor Hoffman Interview with Darren Smith (MP3)

  • The finality of the decision is hitting Hoffman, but after a self evaluation the decision was easy.
  • Hoffman didn't want to make an emotional decision based on how his season ended. He finished on a upswing. He wanted time to think it over. He didn't feel like he could lead a ball club into the post season anymore. He was looking forward to a new chapter in baseball.
  • He talked to a few other players about how they handled retirement. The decision was mostly internal though. Last season put a lot of stress on him and his family. He thinks the change will be good for him.
  • Hoffman has had discussions with the Padres about helping them in some capacity.
  • He is very happy with the things he was able to accomplish in the game. He doesn't have any regrets about his career.
  • He thinks he'll miss the competition the most.
  • He's always said that the hitters will let you know when it's time to retire. It wasn't fun when that started to happen.
  • There is a press conference tomorrow at Petco Park.
  • It's been a fantastic experience to reconnect with the Padres organization. He thanks Jeff Moorad, Jed Hoyer and Tom Garfinkel for being so welcoming. Time has healed the wounds of his past contract negotiations.
  • Hoffman can't say enough about how well the community supports the Padres ballpark.
  • He doesn't know what he'll be doing with the Padres but he looks forward to helping in anyway he can.
  • On declining a one day contract with the Padres:
    "I think if I wasn't moving into a potential position with the club maybe that would be the case. It's definitely not trying to be a knock on -- disrespecting a one day contract. I think it's fantastic and it works for guys. Moving into a potential position other than just signing a contract means -- I think it says that I'm coming back to be a Padre to be honest with you."
  • Hoffman's work ethic came from his parents. He didn't want to have any regrets by not training hard enough. He embraced it.
  • He's trying not concern himself with the Hall of Fame. It's out of his control now. He did everything he could on the field. It would be truly an honor if it does happen.
  • "It was an honor to put on the uniform and play in front of so many great fans here in San Diego"
  • He thinks he'll probably cry tomorrow but he'll try and keep it together. You get him talking about his father and the water works will start.
  • Hoffman's nickname for Darren Smith is "kid".