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Padres GM Hoyer thinks it'll take 91-92 wins to win the NL West

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • There is no silver lining when losing 10 games in a row. The way he rationalizes is it the Padres are 15-15 over the last 30 games and the Giants are 16-14. The Giants lost 7 in a row at one point, the Rockies lost 8 in a row too.
  • Buddy Black did a good job holding the club together during the losing streak.  Hoyer had to fight his urges to make changes because those rash decisions are usually a bad idea.
  • If Hoyer was a voter he'd have a hard time not voting for Roy Halladay for Cy Young, but Mat Latos would certainly need to be in the conversation. Hoyer didn't know that Latos set a Major League record last night, he thought it was a Padres record. Latos has been consistently excellent since May 1.  Latos is getting better, without question.  His lack of walks is remarkable.
  • Jerry Hairston Jr. has been a big part to why the Padres have been great all season.  There's no way we'd be where we are without him.  "We certainly miss him, there's no question." He can play anywhere and he brings a lot of swagger to the team. Hairston is a free agent next year. "We'd love to bring him back."  The Padres would have been lost without him.
  • Tim Stauffer has been outstanding all year. Tim's performance was a turning point.  Having Latos match up and beat Kershaw was not planned, it just worked out well for the team.  He'll face Lincecum on Sunday. "It certainly wasn't intentional, that bug was going around the clubhouse."
  • "There is a strong likelihood that Staffuer will start on Saturday."
  • In this turn through the rotation Wade LeBlanc and Kevin Correia will not be in it.  That doesn't mean that they won't be in the rotation in the future.
  • Cory Luebke pitched well towards the end of his last start.  Hoyer is hoping that some of the jitters are gone tonight.
  • Luke Gregerson has struggled. He lost the feel of his slider.  He'll find it again.
  • The pitchers that usually pitch during winning games are really well rested.
  • Ryan Webb and Ernesto Frieri are great alternatives to Gregerson.
  • Hoyer thinks 91-92 wins will the NL West.  It might go up to 93 -94.  He'd be surprised if anyone gets into the mid-90's.
  • The Padres have a number of right handed outfielders and they are better defenders than Wily Mo Pena. They can still bring him up later if he's needed. His ground balls are more impressive than his fly balls, they roll all the way to the fence.