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Random thoughts from last night's Padres Victory

  • Jonny Dub and I went to the game last night. These games are so intense, so bright and vivid. Everybody around us kept looking over at the Giants and Rockies scores on the out of town scoreboard. You could hear the crowd mumbling "Must Win Game".
  • Mat Latos was filthy last night. It's disgusting how good he is. It reminded us of our walk to the ballpark through a swarm of flies and human excrement. It was that nasty, just like Latos's pitches. I told Jon that Gaslamp Ball should adopt one of those streets and the community should spend our weekends down there cleaning it so that we can get a sign as a reward.
  • When Chris Denorfia made that diving catch in center on a ball slicing away from him, the crowd erupted. We all knew he saved a run and likely the game, but only a few of us showed it by thrusting our hips towards him repeatedly in appreciation. That was probably the most amped I've been all year at the park.
  • You should be following local Singer/Songwriter Steve Poltz on Twitter. He was at the ballpark the other night and sent us a picture of himself giving Ryan Ludwick positive vibes. He also took a picture of the injury board where they burned Yoda to break the losing streak. Most interesting to me was the picture of Anthony Gwynn Jr's Hamate Bone that was removed from his hand several weeks ago. I was thinking last night that the Padres should put these kinds of relics and curiosities into the Western Metal Supply building museum. I'd pay money to kneel before a vile of fluid from Hall of Famer Tony the Gwynn's knee from the last years of his playing career. I would love to see its magical properties on display. Just a drop could cure blindness in orphan children.
  • Between innings the Padres showed the Trevor Hoffman's celebration for his 600th save on the jumbo tron. We openly wept.
  • You know how after a pitcher comes out of the bullpen they send a ball girl to run over and grab his personal items and toiletries? Wouldn't this be a perfect use for the Pad Squad's T-Shirt Cannon? I'd like to hear a blast and see his jacket, comb and smokeless tobacco flying across the field and into the dugout.
  • After the game while Jon and I were swaying back and forth and singing Macy Gray's "Beauty in the World" we were approached by Gaslamp Ballers jodes0405 and crazy_charisma. They'd been watching us for the past three hours and tweeting our every move. "jbox be tugging at back of pants trying to free underwears from butt." Stuff like that.
  • On the way out of the ballpark we witnessed a Dodger fan humiliating himself, begging Padres fans to just let the Dodgers win one game. Oh Dodger fan, that's not how it works, we show no mercy.