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State Farm and MLB's "Go to Bat" program could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams and help your favorite charity

Go_to_bat_2_medium Ok, check this: State Farm and Major League Baseball have started a "Go to Bat" program. You can read all the information about it here.

As a thanks to us for helping to spread the word about their "Go to Bat" program they are giving us $200 worth of or Sports Authority gift cards. That's $150 gift card for you and $50 gift card for us.

We asked if we could switch cards, letting us take the $150 card but they seem pretty set on giving one of you the bigger card. They even made it clear to us that they would be the ones mailing the card directly to you. I don't think they trust us.

They left it up to us to design a contest to determine a winner of this $150 gift card. The contest design may be up to us but you'll get to choose the winner.

The contest is simple, whoever writes the most highly recommended Padres related FanPost in the next 4 weeks will win the card. The contest will end September 30th. So create a FanPost and recommend the ones that you like.

Even if you don't win our contest, you can still win World Series tickets and money for the charity of your choice...

State Farm has teamed up with MLB to give people a chance to attend the 2010 World Series, while making a difference for their favorite charity by "going to bat" for them! In the past four weeks, we’ve given away 8 tickets to the World Series to lucky winners and over $75,000 to charities like the American Heart Association, The Alzheimer’s Foundation, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

It’s easy to do - Fans just visit, play the online Home Run Derby game for the charity they would like to "go to bat" for and once a week, for ten weeks, State Farm will select a winner and their charity. The winner’s charity will receive a weekly donation ($100 for every home run hit that week in MLB) and the winner themselves will receive a trip for two the 2010 World Series.