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Around the Mission: 9/3 Padres Links

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  • Fox picks up Padres game, announcers -
    Another note on Saturday's game against the Rockies: Fox will simulcast the radio broadcast with Ted Leitner and Jerry Coleman during the top of the fourth inning. The interesting part about Saturday is that it will mark the first time Leitner and Coleman will have called a game together since spring training. Coleman has been working with Andy Masur all season.

  • Padres chat with U-T columnist Bill Center
    " I saw him last spring. Good fastball and slider and was working hard on his change. Still working on change. Fastball command was much improved at Triple-A Portland. Padres like his go-after approach. I think they needed to give everyone a little extra time, so I think Luebke was a good idea for Friday. But it is not a guarantee. The Padres also need to hit and play defense even if Luebke is sharp "

  • Finder of Books, Keeper of Dreams – Ducksnorts
    "Sure, the peripherals get weaker as he moves up levels… We shouldn’t expect otherwise, nor should we expect Luebke to dominate at the big-league level right away… or maybe even ever."

  • The Official Blog of Matt Antonelli: QUESTION OF THE WEEK!
    "My hand still feels like it isn't as healthy as it should be so I'll be visiting a hand specialist in Boston to get his opinion on what is going on. I am now four months out of surgery and I still experience some pain while doing things. I am really hoping that they find out what it is because I would really like to get back on the field and doing some stuff. "

  • Who's your Padre?: So who is Cory Luebke anyway? ...
    "Here's the thing about Luebke: Had he not been sidelined by a strained left oblique coming out of Spring Training, he might have been here by now already."

  • Padres Fans, Don’t Panic! (yet)
    Have the Padres crippled themselves on defense and in the running game?

  • Chainsaw: Examining Skid Marks
    "The longest losing streak in MLB history is more than triple the Padres’ current thread. The ’61 Phillies lost 23 in a row. In a town known for its vicious fans, by loss number 15 the hecklers must run out of material. "

  • Scan 2-Minute Tip: Luke Gregerson demonstrates how to throw his slider
    Bob Scanlan talks with Luke Gregerson as he demonstrates how he throws his slider

  • Unfinished Business: Seven Too Many
    "So, I'm not too worried about this little slide. Frustrated? Oh yeah. But one little seven-game losing streak is not going to turn me off to this team. In fact, it just makes my fanhood stronger :)"

  • Towers Wants to Be a GM Again -
    "I told Cash the other day, when you start assembling your advance squad, please," Mr. Towers said, "put me on the Padres."

  • DeMarco: Padres’ magic season on verge of disappearing - Baseball-
    He did get tossed from Tuesday's game for questioning a sixth-inning call at first base, but joked about it the next day by saying, "I'm going to try to go nine (innings) today."

  • THE KEPT FAITH: The Kept Faith Podcast Ep.10! With special guest - John Reis!
    John joins us to calm us down and let us know there is hope on the horizon we just gotta keep the faith! We also talk September call ups, Ted Leitner and Dick Enberg!

  • Being a switch-hitter 'really hard to do' - ESPN
    "Six percent of all players is a very small sample,'' Simmons said. "And how many of that 6 percent are even capable of hitting .300? Now that 6 percent goes down to maybe 2 percent. So now we're talking about a very, very, very small sample. I also have yet to find a person that completely, totally, unequivocally has bilateral symmetry. One side is always dominant. "