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Padres GM Jed Hoyer: "It's been a pretty frustrating last three days."

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • "It's been a pretty frustrating last three days. No question. We've lost games at the wrong time. There are 5 games left and given that we're playing the team we're facing we still control our own destiny. There is still time left, but it certainly been a frustrating couple of days."
  • "I've certainly been in these positions before. It feels pretty dark when you're in that position. No question."
  • There is no point in worrying about winning 4 out of 5, you just have to focus on and win each game.
  • "I see a team that has really struggled to score runs.  Looking back at the last 35 games or so, we have a really hard time scoring more than 2 or 3 runs in a given night. We haven't gotten the big hits.  Whenever teams don't hit and don't score runs people always accuse the team of being lethargic.  I see just the opposite. I see a lot of guys that care a ton. There are probably a lot of guys pressing."
  • Hoyer didn't make much of Adrian Gonzalez's comments to the Chicago Sun-Times. He was interested to hear Adrian's response. "The idea that he is distracted right now I think is ridiculous."  It's a dead topic, he doesn't owe anyone an apology. It's better to let it go. He's a great leader for the clubhouse and his focus is here.
  • The coaching staff and players have to block out these distractions.
  • Hoyer thinks the best chance the Padres have of reaching the post season is by winning the division.
  • It's hard to guess how hard the Phillies will play the Braves since they already clinched.  You never know what will happen in that kind of series.  "The Phillies have a responsibility to put their best team on the field for them for the postseason."  "You hope that they'll play hard, I think they will."  "It is a concern that teams will roll over."
  • Everyone deals with injuries, it's the wrong place to focus your energy.
  • Hoyer thinks Mat Latos struggled with his emotions over the last 4 starts. "He's a 22 year old kid with an incredible future, but I think that part of the pennant race and what has happened in September, he'll have to do a better job going forward." Latos carried the team for a good portion of the season, but there is a challenge of having a 22 year old as your ace.
  • Miguel Tejada has given the team more than what was expected of him. He wasn't expected to play everyday at short stop.  He's given the team a ton of energy.
  • Ryan Ludwick hasn't been able to get on a hot streak.  "He's struggled, I don't think there is any question about that."  "That's what happens sometimes in mid-season acquisitions." There feelings about him haven't waivered. "We're looking forward to having him next year."
  • "We need to win tonight."
  • You have to tip your caps to Giants.  They are on a good pitching run. "We've won 5 out of 6 in San Francisco, we have reason to be confident."