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Adrian Gonzalez responds to criticism of his interview with the Chicago Sun-Times

XX Sports Radio: Adrian Gonzalez Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • Adrian's morning has been great so far.
  • Last night Adrian read the Chicago Sun-Times article, he was taken aback. The way he was interviewed was different than the way the article came out.
  • The author approached Adrian after BP on Monday. He asked about the Chicago players and Adrian praised them. The author asked about free agency. "When I become a free agent I'm going to take offers from any team and I'll be interested in any offer that comes my way." He asked him about the city of Chicago and Adrian told him he liked Chicago.
  • There weren't any misquotes in the article. "They turned it into, I would love to take an offer from the Cubs."
  • "I'm not worried about Free Agency."
  • The interview didn't start out talking about free agency, it started talking about the Cubs young players. "At that point I was answering questions, I wasn't thinking." "Once you're in the interview it's harder to say 'I'm done.'"
  • Adrian thinks that this is people wanting to make a story out of nothing.
  • Adrian doesn't think he has to explain himself or apologize to teammates, management or fans. "I really don't think there is, it was just an interview. There is no desire to play for the Cubs next year. I'm extremely happy with the Padres."
  • Adrian says he is still mentally into what he's doing on the field. "Yeah of course. I think the hardest part is the frustration of the fact that I take a lot of the pressure when the team isn't hitting. I try to do too much. He takes a lot of the responsibility that the pitchers are pitching well but the team isn't hitting. "I'm trying to put it all on my shoulders." "If anybody thinks that my mind is somewhere else. Mmy mind is on the team. I'm just trying to do everything I can to help us win and sometimes doing to much is counter productive."
  • "Yesterday I feel like I had a good game."
  • "Fans expect a lot out of me right now and I'm trying to give them that."
  • Adrian expects to be here next year, but he's not in control of that. "I would love to be here next year and in the future to come."
  • "I could care less about Free Agency." "There is definitely zero mindset of me not being with the Padres"
  • "I'll be honest I like the city of Chicago. You know? I think a lot of people like the city of Chicago. It's a good city. I'm not saying I want to play there. I'm just saying it's a good city. I love the city."
  • "You need to be there with us." "We gotta go out there and take 4 out of 5. We gotta win these next two and take two out of three in San Francisco."