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Around the Mission: 9/27 Padres Links

  • Seriously, Padres having fun, not feeling pressure -
    "Triple-A guys, Double-A guys will get stressed out about that, (but) not major leaguers. That’s the difference. That’s the difference between a minor league player and a major league player."

  • Seven games in seven days will decide the Padres' fate -
    "We’re still going (to the World Series)," Bell said. "Ain’t no doubt in my mind."

  • No partying at Petco for the Reds -
    "Good for them, they’re in first place," said catcher Yorvit Torrealba. "I’m sure they deserve to celebrate, but not in our ballpark. It’s like we defended our turf."

  • PADRES: Pennant race hits homestretch
    "We're neck and neck with the Giants and Braves," Bell said. "All we can do is give it our best effort and see what happens.

  • Homers, Homer Drop Padres Out of First
    Gonzalez extended his own team record with his fourth consecutive season of 30+ home runs.