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Open Thread, 9/24/2010: Padres vs Reds. Seriously F_cked If We Don't Win This F_cking Game.

Once upon a time, there was a Must Win Game.

People saw this Must Win Game and said, "What are YOU doing here, MWG? It's May. How can you possibly be a MWG? Don't you know that games don't count in May?"

Must Win Game said, "You'll rue the day that you don't believe me and support me! Because if you don't support me now, you'll be forced to reckon with a Seriously F_cked If We Don't Win This F_cking Game Game."

And those same people said, "STFU, MWG. We aren't afraid of no SFIWDWTFGG. We'll get them later! When the games count!"

And yet now here we are and we're staring at a SFIWDWTFGG and the SFIWDWTFGG looks mean. We're gonna have to rely on some serious mojo to get out of this motherf_cker with our balls still in the vicinity of the taint. Because when a SFIWDWTFGG comes to town and you don't Seriously Win The F_cking Game, then your testicles end up in your ear. They may or may not be your testicles, but you will be guaranteed to be hearing the sounds of the ocean through a pair of testicles.

Somewhere, Must Win Game is sipping a mojito and snickering at the People through a party mustache.