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Around the Mission: 9/24 Padres Links

  • Bell's prediction could come true -
    "No one was trying to take anyone else's job. We sort of jumped in together. We bought into what Bud (Black) and the coaches were asking us to do. Some guys started listening. I shut up.

  • Dodgers drop Padres back into 2nd place -
    "I know what I need to work on," Latos said. "I need to keep the ball down and stay aggressive."

  • PADRES: Where are all the fans?
    I really don't know," Gonzalez said when asked why he thought fans were staying away. "That's up to the people. At times they are great. We always hope for a full house.

  • PADRES NOTES: Simmons won't return as bench coach
    If I don't get after it, it'll become a complete and total effort in futility."

  • PADRES: Kuroda knocks Padres back to second place
    There definitely needs to be a sense of urgency offensively like there was the first two games of the series," said center fielder Tony Gwynn Jr., who made his first start since Aug. 18. "Not that there wasn't today, but Kuroda pitched a good game. He was in and out, threw a lot of strikes, mixed his pitches up very well. But at the end of the day our offense needs to have a sense of urgency, and in my mind we will.

  • Chainsaw: San Diego’s Golden Era of Sports is Now
    I suggest we smell the roses because these kinds don’t bloom like this that often.