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GM Hoyer still believes it will take 91-92 (maybe 93) wins to win NL West

XX Sports Radio: Jed Hoyer Interview (MP3) with Darren Smith

  • "Last night was good." It's been a while since the Padres have had a win where the last three innings weren't nail biters.
  • The last month was a struggle but this is exactly where they want to be at this time of the year.
  • The critics of the team took the entire season to consider the Padres contenders and now they're being counted out. "I don't think we were counted in for a long time."
  • Part of the culture of this team was being underdogs all year, some of that wore off after the deadline and having a 6 game lead.
  • Hoyer really likes what he saw from Chris Young.  Young was disappointed that he wasn't able to go deeper in the game.
  • Mat Latos has had two bad starts but after 15 consecutive good starts he's allowed that. Hoyer and Black had concerns after his Cardinals start. He needs to make a few small adjustments to his mechanics.
  • Hoyer thinks it will still take 91-92, maybe 93 wins to win the NL West.  "Our goal is certainly to win the West."  They are paying attention to the Wild Card race.
  • Hoyer got exactly what he expected from Jon Garland.  He's given the team innings and consistent starts.  They expected an ERA in the mid-3's and about 200 innings.
  • It's very important that Ryan Ludwick keeps getting the big hits.  He was pressing and struggling for about 3 weeks. Hoyer thinks he looks good and confident.
  • Hoyer is happy for Kevin Towers in his new position as GM of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  He isn't worried about having Towers in the division, he expected it.  "Kevin will certainly have interest in bringing some people from San Diego to Arizona." Hoyer doesn't have a problem letting people go with Towers.  He only wants people working for him that want to be in San Diego.  If he wants coaches then he'll have to wait until after the season.
  • A.J. Hinch is going to be the VP of Pro Scouting.  Hoyer has known him for a long time.  Hoyer really wants to build up the Pro Scouting department.  Moorad and Garfinkel know Hinch real well but it was Hoyer's hire.
  • Cesar Carrillo was put on waivers.  "I feel badly he's been bounced around." The Astros claimed him today.
  • The Padres may make a move to replace Jerry Hairston Jr.  "He really saved us this year with Everth struggling."