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Random Site Stuff

  • An anonymous source tells us "KT = AZ" I assume that means Kevin Towers is the new GM of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Either that or KT Tunstall is really the Brooklyn Rapper AZ. Atlhough that seems less likely.
  • We thought we could bribe you to write more FanPosts but you proved that you cannot be bribed. We thought by offering a $150 gift card to the highest recommended FanPost that we'd see an increase in quality contributions. The stats don't lie, FanPosts are down -45% this month, just 0.67 a day. Of those 0.67 written each day, 90% complain that they have to write 300 words. The best I can tell, it's a two way race right now between Axion's FanPost about Season Ticket Holder Night and The Kipper's FanPost about the last Portland Beaver's game.
  • You should seriously think about going to the ballpark for these last 7 games. Do yourself a favor and buy a discounted ticket from the San Diego Padres | Online Ticket Office. Buy 1 ticket get the second for $1 using Promo Code: GASLAMP. There are now identical deals being offered by other organizations with different promo codes, but seriously eff them.

  • Speaking of going to games, if you're a brave soul you can meet a rogue group of Gaslamp Ballers at Saturday's game. Maybe you can meet a new friend or enjoy a quiet in depth Padres discussion. Ah, who am I fooling? I'm only mentioning this to alert Petco Park security.
  • Last month was our biggest traffic month for the site. I wish we could take credit for that, but admittedly it's because the Padres were awesome. However, this month is staged to set a new record, which I guess proves that people also like to slow to watch a car wreck.