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Gaslamp Ballers flirt with Giants Fan while Jonathan Sanchez burns Petco Park to the ground.

I blame this loss on the fact that, while I was trying to get my kids to bed, "Gaslamp Ballers" were busy making friends with Giants Fan during a F_CKING JONATHAN SANCHEZ START... WITH FIRST PLACE ON THE LINE.

I mean, really? Really? I guess that's how we roll now. All lovey dovey while sole possession of FIRST F_CKING PLACE IS TAKEN AWAY FROM US.

"Oh that's just Dex reprimanding us again! He doesn't even read the blog! What does he know!?"

I'll tell you what I know. I know that, while I may have little to no effect on the outcome of the field of plan, the Ban Hammer is still wielded in my hand and still can come down hard and fast.

Maybe it's for the best. Once the Giants take sole possession of first place from us tomorrow here at home, when Giants Fan comes to ridicule us, we'll be able to self-deprecatingly laugh with them since we're buddies now. That's good.

Ugh. Take a good hard look at this and feel ashamed.

NL West Standings

San Diego 79 61 .564 0 Lost 2
San Francisco 80 62 .563 0 Won 2
Colorado 77 64 .546 2.5 Won 8
Los Angeles 70 72 .492 10 Won 1
Arizona 57 84 .404 22.5 Lost 1

(updated 9.11.2010 at 1:13 AM EDT)