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San Diego Padres Fan Confidence Poll: 8/9/2010

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The Padres went 3-4 this week and it wasn't pretty. I dare say that if the Padres hadn't blown out the Diamondbacks yesterday that this fan confidence poll would be a full point lower than it will be.

Fortunately for the Padres they timed their mini-slump so that it coincided with the rest of the NL West. They now sit comfortably atop the NL West with a two game cushion over the Giants who finally cooled off.

It still amazes me how quickly some of the more vocal Padres fans turn on the team. Foul Weather Fandom is alive and well. On Saturday night, Coach Kentera was fielding calls from fans complaining about the low payroll and blaming the slump on the Ludwick and Tejada trade. I'm not sure if these fans will ever be happy. The Padres are playing their best baseball in over a decade and some of the best baseball in the league and they still want to bitch.

I'd have preferred to take that Diamondback series for sure, but if that was the extent of our slump, splitting a series with the Dodgers and losing a couple close games in Arizona then I'll take it. The Padres have been extraordinarily successful keeping their losing streaks under 3 games, so my confidence remains steady.

Many of you have been asking for us to make another graph of the fan confidence results. I'd like to see a graph too but Dex is in charge of graphing. I'll have to bug him.

The rules are simple. On a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being no confidence at all, 10 being absolute confidence, How confident are you in the San Diego Padres organization?

"Confidence" is just about anything you want to interpret it as. The front office, the future prospects, the play on the field, the park, etc etc etc