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Random Stuff

  • Brad_pitt_mediumI was watching Spy Game over the weekend. As we all know Brad Pitt's character Tom Bishop is from Hemet, CA and wears a 90's style Padres hat throughout the scenes in Lebanon.  I paid closer attention this time and realized that those scenes in Lebanon were supposed to take place in 1985 before the Padres changed their colors.  I just checked IMDB's goofs and I guess this is old news.
    Anachronisms: While in Lebanon in 1985, Tom is wearing a style of San Diego Padres hat that did not exist until the early 1990s. 
  • Dylanponcho_mediumYou know how the players sitting on the bench in the dugout wear hooded sweatshirts over their jerseys to stay warm?  In the past they've worn fleeces or perhaps a team jacket. In the old timey times they used to wear thick sweaters. I've always liked the look of those sweaters, but I was thinking it'd be nice to have an article of clothing unique to the Padres or at least Southern California. The Padres should wear those Surfer Ponchos that you could buy in TJ for a few pesos in the early 90's.  I've noticed those seem to be making a comeback.
  • Another thing about Spy Game.  Remember the scene where Robert Redford's character is training Pitt's character as a CIA spy?  While at a coffee cart Redford gives Pitt a challenge: get onto the balcony of a private apartment in a nearby building in less than 5 minutes.  I keep expecting Mentor to challenge Dex and I at some point.  "Get into the TV Broadcast booth, I better hear you doing color commentary for Enberg in the next half hour" or "Make Nick Canepa disappear!"  It's been nothing like that so far.
  • I've got $25 in Friar Funds.  What should I buy?  I'm thinking a hat or a t-shirt of some sort.  Maybe I'll get  90's Padres cap, then I'll look exactly like Brad Pitt, except more mysterious, a little bit younger and better looking.
  • I'm going to try and get some tickets for the last home game/series in San Francisco.  I haven't been up to Phone Company Park in a couple years.  Did I already tell you that I'll be out in Chicago for the Padres/Cubs game on the 16th?  It'll be my first time at Wrigley and Chicago for that matter.  Anybody have any tips for maximizing fun?
  • I wish the Padres had a zip line from the upper deck down to the Park at the Park, right over the field.  As part of the ground rules the fans on the zip line would be in play. I don't think that'd be too distracting. Oh, better yet they should have it from the top of one of the nearby skyscrapers to the Park. It'd be more fun than the wiffle ball field.