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Game Thread: 8/30, Padres vs. Diamondbacks

With LeBlanc pitching and Aaron Cunningham back on the team, I think the Padres have a chance of winning tonight. This streak is the worst! Well, second to the one in my underwears, but still it's bad. Let's end this. No more losing from here on out.

Have you guys heard about the game on September 9th? Apparently a whole section has pledged to stand up the entire game to promote Stand Up to Cancer. I like weird ideas like this. I don't know if I could stand a whole game, I'm miserable during long concerts when I'm forced to stand.

I've tried a handful of times to run the entire length of game while listening to it on radio. The first time I tried, the game went extra innings and I got frustrated and quit. I finally succeeded last spring when Peavy pitched a 2 hour game. Standing in place seems harder. I hope the game doesn't go extras, people will start locking their knees and dropping like flies.

Go Padres!