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"Dog Days of Summer" and other random stuff

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A picture of "Dog Days of Summer".  Inexplicably there is only one dog in this picture.
A picture of "Dog Days of Summer". Inexplicably there is only one dog in this picture.
  • PETCO's Official Twitter guy invited us down to ballpark on Friday to see their "Dog Days of Summer" event first hand. We even met up before the game. I expected him to be covered in dog hair, with bird droppings on his shoulders, smelling like a litter box and coughing up a cat hair ball. Instead he was really quite pleasant and I hate to brag, but I think we are now friends.
  • Img_3292_medium I got to the park in time to see Steve Garvey signing autographs. He is still looks as handsome as ever... from a distance. He was signing a promotional picture of him posing with the world's fastest skateboarding dog. I wonder if he ever looks at that picture and asks "How did I get to this point in my life?" Only about 5 people were in line, I decided to join them. He was friendly.
  • Ran into Pad Squad Loxie hugging puppies. She claimed that puppies are cuter than bloggers and deserved more hugs. Not true.
  • As you know last week I didn't get "Dog Days of Summer". I think after sitting among the dogs in the Park at the Park and in the Beacher seats, I get it now to a certain extent. I noticed that if you put a group of people together that right off the bat have two things in common, a love of Padres baseball and dogs, you get a crowd that interacts with each other. Dogs are seriously the best ice breaker and 500 dogs have the same affect on ice as global warming.
  • Img_3311_medium I kept a look out for any dogs or breeds that I thought might deserve to be banned. I saw a German Shepard, but before I could cause a scene I noticed that it was a service dog. There was one dog that was about 4 feet tall that looked like it was the offspring of a wolf and an abominable snowman. My initial thought was that it should be banned just because it looked scary. If it did go crazy it'd probably take half the security staff to pull it off its victim, but fortunately it was crazy... crazy chill.
  • I again saw the Padres Fan Makeover commercial and told everybody that would listen that it was my idea. While they are stealing my ideas they should steal this one too. The Padres should hire 2 or 3 tattoo artists, put them out in the Park at the Park during a game. Then get a few hundred interlocking SD tattoo stencils. Offer to give free tattoos to any fans that wants one, maybe even throw in a couple Padres tickets if they get one. It's a win-win. People that want a tattoo get one and the Padres get free advertising from these fans until their skin gets all saggy, leathery and wrinkly. Plus once you've tattooed these fans, you've locked them into "Padres fan for life" status. They aren't going to stray after that and if they do their friends will mock and ridicule them.