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Around the Mission: 8/3 Padres Links


  • Really, Aren’t They All Statement Games? – Ducksnorts
    "That was a fun way to start the four-game series in LA. If I believed in statement games, I might be tempted to call this one. But I don’t, so I won’t."

  • A San Diego Padres Blog: The Sacrifice Bunt " Blog Archive " What the Padres gave up: Corey Kluber and Nick Greenwood Edition
    "All in all, the Padres held onto their top pitching prospects and received an instant upgrade to their lineup in Ludwick. The Padres gave up only a fringe #4 or #5 starter in Corey Kluber and a player who was little more than organizational depth in Nick Greenwood. I love this move."

  • An Impressive Trade Deadline for Hoyer and the Padres
    "The feeling of something really special happening here in San Diego is starting to take notice among the fans and the rest of the country."