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Open Thread, 8/28/2010: Padres vs Phillies

Here we are in late August and the national media's all like, "Oh hey. The Padres are good. Maybe we should expose the rest of the land to them instead of showing Yankees vs Red Sox again."

The Padres suffered a tough loss yesterday and now it's up to Jon Garland hold things nice and efficient so's we don't have to dip too deep into the bullpen tonight.

In other news, I hope Jayson Werth catches a pitched ball to the face.



Philadelphia Phillies @ San Diego Padres

08/28/10 1:10 PM PDT

Philadelphia Phillies San Diego Padres
Jimmy Rollins - SS David Eckstein - 2B
Placido Polanco - 3B Miguel Tejada - SS
Chase Utley - 2B Adrian Gonzalez - 1B
Ryan Howard - 1B Ryan Ludwick - RF
Jayson Werth - RF Chase Headley - 3B
Raul Ibanez - LF Will Venable - LF
Shane Victorino - CF Chris Denorfia - CF
Brian Schneider - C Nick Hundley - C
Joe Blanton - P Jon Garland - P