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Around the Mission: 8/27 Padres Links

  • Rehabbing Young looks to make impact | News
    "[It's] too early to tell," Black said. "We'll see how he comes out of this. That was good work, so we'll see. We'll evaluate it and discuss it over the next couple days and come up with another plan."

  • Venable settles into left after Ludwick trade | News
    "I've gotten in trouble a couple times where a ball's been hit right over my head off the bat and I break to my left, but it's fading towards the line, so I have to redirect myself," Venable said. "Basically, just little things like that, just kind of forgetting about the instincts I had in right and getting a whole new set of them for left field has been my challenge."

  • Denorfia a very quick healer -
    "I've gotten cramps now and then throughout my career," said Denorfia. "I knew what it was. But I was just having a hard time walking when I did cramp. It released as soon as I got it stretched out."

  • Phillies come to town in possible playoff preview -
    "I wouldn’t say it’s a marquee series," said Adrian Gonzalez, who hit a grand slam Thursday, the 157th home run of his Padres career, moving him to second on the team career list. "It’s just another series in the season."

  • PADRES: Free pass to pitcher keys blowout by Arizona
    "He couldn't string any pitches together," Black said. "Good one, bad one. He couldn't really get on track. (The walk) turned out to be costly."

  • Twelve Thoughts: Nolan Ryan, Giants Bargains, Mat Latos -- MLB FanHouse
    "Wow, he's the best young pitcher I've seen all year," said a veteran scout who only recently saw the Padres right-hander for the first time, and will tune in Friday for Latos against the Cheatin' Phils. "Had four plus pitches with command and a lot of poise. Sometimes we put too much into wanting the Harvard-type education; he's a free spirit, and that's beautiful."

  • Last Time’s The Charm For Arizona
    "That’s the game right there," said Correia, who felt he pitched much better than the numbers revealed, "Drew’s a hot hitter but he never should have had the chance to bat there."

  • Tejada Muy Bueno for Padres
    No longer near the level of his 2002 AL Most Valuable Player season in Oakland, Tejada has nonetheless settled in nicely with the Padres. As hell tells, he’s as happy to be with the Padres as they are happy to have him:

  • "Young works, Padres seek to sweep Arizona" by Padres Scorecard
    "I thought as he got into it, he threw the ball better," said Padres manager Bud Black, who felt Young threw better in his second and third innings than the first. "The main thing is he’s feeling healthy. His arm is still gaining strength. Overall, it’s a step in the right direction." Black said the Padres will decide the next step for Young over the next couple days.

  • Padres Trail: Beating the teams you should beat
    "But it does mean they're 35-31 against the good teams. And that's fine, too; the good teams are good for a reason."

  • Padres chat with U-T columnist Bill Center
    "Not his work ethic per se. He works harder than most. But mentally, I think he thought he was on more of a roll than he really was. When he struggled, I think the reaction was to try to do too much. I don't think he's been in the right frame of mind this season. And he's also been hurt, which didn't help. But he was not the player in 2010 that he was in 2009"