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Open Thread, 8/24/2010: Padres vs Diamondbacks

Here's one of those "bad" matchups for the Padres. The dreaded Diamondbacks.

At this point, the Diamondbacks have nothing to lose. They will come into San Diego and play with as much gusto and verve as a dancing Drama in the pits of an Enrique Iglesias concert. They are who the Padres were this time last year. Young without a care in the world and a drive to prove themselves after people had written them off for 2010.

This is the gusto and verve that the Padres must smash. We must depress them. Make them feel bad about themselves. The time for no-kill beaver traps is over. Their legs are broken. We must take a shovel to their heads and not deal with them any more at all.

Who all is going to the game tonight? I'm gonna be watching from home, nursing a beer and eating leftover Thai food, which in Thailand is, interestingly enough, just called "food". Then I'm going to catch up on Gaslamp Ball blog posts over the last several days. JBox yelled at me for not reading the blog. He a tyrant.