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Gaslamp Ball Interview: Dave Winfield

"Who's interviewing me?  Jonny Dub? God help us."
"Who's interviewing me? Jonny Dub? God help us."

This afternoon I had a chance to interview Dave Winfield, the first Padre inducted into the Hall of Fame.  He was driving on country roads towards the Little League World Series, battling the elements and everything Mother Nature could throw at him.  You see Dave is on a mission to promote Breast Cancer awareness.  To complete this mission he has partnered up with's Answers for the Cure.  To promote the program he agreed to field some questions from us.

I'll admit I was a bit nervous talking to Winfield as you'll soon hear.  We were given eight minutes for the interview. Eight minutes???  How was I going to keep up a conversation for eight minutes?!  Luckily Dave was a pro and did all the heavy lifting.

Last night jbox and I got together and went over a game plan.  He would write a question then I'd tell him I'd be way too nervous to ask it.  This went on for well over an hour.  He was getting really frustrated with me.  But when all was said and done, we had a bunch of questions, a logical order and follow up questions based on Dave's answers.

Once the interview got started that all went out the window.  I just went with my gut and some terrible notes I could hardly read.  Nonetheless it went really well.  You may have to turn up your volume because the interview itself is a little bit quiet. but without further ado, I give you the greatest Gaslamp Ball interview ever: