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Game Thread: 8/22, Breakfasttown vs. Brewers

The Padres have lost this series to the Brewers, there's nothing we can do about that. Once again they find themselves on the cusp of a three game losing streak. They've only lost three times in a row once this season, to the Dodgers. Can they once again defend against the sweep? Some might say "Only time will tell". I say that the Padres will effectively defend against the sweep in a very mellow Sunday morning way. The same way that Peter Cetera would fight for the honor of a young lady.

Padres season series record is 21-14-4

Go Padres!


San Diego Padres @ Milwaukee Brewers

08/22/10 11:10 AM PDT

San Diego Padres Milwaukee Brewers
David Eckstein - 2B Rickie Weeks - 2B
Miguel Tejada - SS Craig Counsell - SS
Adrian Gonzalez - 1B Ryan Braun - LF
Ryan Ludwick - RF Prince Fielder - 1B
Chase Headley - 3B Casey McGehee - 3B
Chris Denorfia - LF Lorenzo Cain - CF
Nick Hundley - C Chris Dickerson - RF
Luis Durango - CF Jonathan Lucroy - C
Jon Garland - P Manny Parra - P